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Cottage cheeses, quarks, smetana, curds, fresh cream
in cups

Spreadable cheeses and cheese specialties in cups or tubs

Ghee and other fats
in tubs

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Curd in platic cups of 100 g and 400 g
Curd in platic cups of 100 g and 400 g

Each country has their own fresh cheeses : curd, smetana, tvorog, fromage blanc, faisselle, quark, cottage cheese, brousse, mascarpone, ...and form, texture, aroma, flavour are various.

Today, with the growing demand of consumers, numerous industrial dairy producers are active in the expanding market of those dairy products in cups and tubs.

Cup filling and weighing machines adapted to your cheeses, creams or cheese spreads

To correctly package your curds, fresh cheeses, dairy cheese specialties, clarified butter or ghee, the design and method of filling have been carefully studied.


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 Smetana in cup of 200 g Smetana in cup of 400 g


In association with dairy product industrialists, we design the ideal filling and capping solutions for each machine according to the technical characteristics of the dairy product to be filled. Our machine range accepts various size of containers and change of format operations are fast and easy.

Packaging of ghee in tubs

Ghee or ghî is a clarified butter which originates from the Indian sub-continent and is often used to prepare Indian and Middle-East Indian dishes.

This is a type of butter from which all solid matter has been removed (casein and small milk particles) and therefore only contains greases (lipids). Contrary to butter, ghee may be preserved for long periods without refrigeration provided it is stored in sealed container to avoid oxidation and moulding.

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Linear filling machine with a work-rate of more than 8000 cups/hour
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Rotary filling machine up to 10000 cups/hour