For creativity and performance in your lines

Thanks to NDS dosing, it is possible to quickly adapt your filling line and get an efficient solution for the industrialization of creative or sophisticated recipes.

Designed for autonomous incorporation, these high-performance and versatile volumetric filling stations, in terms of product filling, are designed to incorporate 2 to 24 heads as required. The filling station is entirely autonomous and controlled by a brushless motor.


  • Can fill all kinds of products (chocolate, honey, caramel, fruit puree, marmelade, Chantilly...)
  • This mobile filling station may be quickly disconnected from the line and cleaned independently from the machine.
  • A change of product on the line may be carried out very quickly and requires only 5 minutes.


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NDS dosing for a pouch filling line

NDS dosing
in a linear cup filling line

For your existing cup or pouch packaging lines

In order to provide additional filling functions such as pre-filling of caramel, fruit syrup or jam, an additional NDS Dosing can be easily integrated with existing filling lines for a wide range of packaging including preformed cups, FFS cups, trays, tubs or pouches, whatever the make of the machine.



  • Offers new potential for innovative recipes
  • Additional filling is also possible even on low work-rate machines