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Your baked dairy desserts applications

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Baked cream

Caramel cream


Oven-baked flan


Filling of egg cream in aluminium cups

The culinary art of dairy desserts finally industrialised

Thanks to the filling machine technology adapted to your process and know-how, family and traditional baked dairy dessert recipes (profiteroles, custard and whipped egg white, baked cream, clafouti, …) may now be produced on an industrial scale.

In the dessert sector, innovation is a never-ending process and this relatively recent market is rapidly expanding and is highly appreciated in numerous countries.

Filling and dosing solutions adapted to your baked desserts

The design of a filling line for baked desserts depends on the specificities of the dessert to be packaged, its filling process, type of packaging, shelf life...

We have been working with leading dessert brand names for over 50 years and possesses the filling know-how and technologies necessary to propose the most appropriate baked dessert filling solutions in respect of your heat process.

Baked dairy desserts filling machines

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Baked desserts line Dosing unit