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Filling of products with various properties

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 Filling of products containing pieces of fruit  Filling of products which are viscous and flowing when hot and solid when cold  Filling of products which are viscous and flowing when hot Filling of expanding products

Correctly control the behaviour of your products to be filled over a long period of time

Certain sauces, caramels, honeys or chocolates may be difficult to handle before or after filling.

They may have a tendency to quickly become hard or even unusable. In this case, it may be necessary to adapt your filling machine and incorporate solutions allowing better control of the product to be filled and thus reduce wastage.

The product hopper of your filling machine for pre-or post-filling may be equipped with the various sensors and valves necessary for the filling and cleaning processes required on your machine.

We constantly upgrade its filling machines and is therefore able to propose:

  • A tank with double or triple envelop
  • Water circulation at the required temperature in the double envelop
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Hut-off valves in case of work on the product hopper  
  • etc