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The choice of cup treatment

The cup treatment method is selected according to the product to be filled and its microbiological sensitivity.

Numerous factors are taken into account in the design and manufacture of a filling machine in order to offer the best choice of cup treatment before filling.

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H2O2 treatment of cups before filling UV treatment of cups before filling

Our validation of solutions and treatment protocols for each cup

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Clay cup Plastic cup Glass jar

The decontamination processes we proposed are developed and validated in cooperation with the Serac Group R&D Department.

In order to offer you the latest technologies available, we also works in partnership with other research centres such as the "Product Technology Centers" of the Nestlé group.

Zoom on the decontamination of aluminium capsules

Aluminium capsules magazine
Aluminium capsules magazine

The capsules used may be decontaminated using 2 technologies:

  • UV decontamination
  • H2O2 gas decontamination