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Appropriate pump drive motors

Multi-product filling
Multi-product filling

To ensure perfect control of the volumetric filling process, the appropriate pump drive motors must be used.

To achieve this, we have selected 2 technologies:   

  • Pneumatic drive: simple and reliable, particularly recommendable for mono-product filling processes
  • Brushless motor drive: The electronic control system guarantees accurate and reliable adjustment whereas the piston speed may be varied along the entire stroke in order to guarantee filling without droplets or splashing. 

This latter solution is more elaborate. It is particularly recommended for multi-product or multi-layer filling processes. Furthermore, it also complies with your product innovation requirements by offering more freedom of action and creativity.

A wide choice of filling solutions

 tl_files/editeur/Machines lineaires desserts laitiers/buse de dosage 1.jpg  tl_files/editeur/Machines lineaires desserts laitiers/buse de dosage 2.jpg

Our technical teams apply their know-how and extensive experience to solve all filling, dosing, placing and injection solutions for dairy products and desserts with various textures and sometimes complex characteristics.

There are 3 main types of filling systems with:

  • Valve head
  • Cylindrical revolving gate valve
  • Bevelled revolving gate valve.

The form and materials used for these filling solutions are designed to offer maximum efficiency and hygiene:

- Reduced friction coefficient

- No retention zones

- Excellent resistant to chemical actions and high temperatures

- Very high resistance to wear

- Limited maintenance

- Production process stability guaranteed  

Hygienic design for ultra-clean and aseptic volumetric filling processes

During ultra-clean and aseptic filling operations, product flow must be simplified in order to, as far as possible, avoid product retention or stagnation zones which represent a risk of contamination.

It is for this reason that we have chosen as filling system:

  • ultra-clean without wall passages
  • aseptic with magnetic control without dynamic seals and without wall passages

In the aseptic version, cleaning and sterilisation in place of the product circuit guarantees sterility of the equipment at the beginning of production.