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High-quality heat-sealing of your cups is essential

In order to avoid any bacteriological risk and return of your fresh dairy products by the customer, great attention has been paid to the heat-sealing operation.

In some cases, we may also propose a pre-sealing at 1 point on the capsule before final heat-sealing in order to guarantee maximum foodstuff safety.

Safe and controlled filling


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Heatsealing of cups

To guarantee maximum efficiency and quality of your cup filling machine, certain functions have been incorporated according to your specific needs:

  • Detect the presence of cups (systematic)
  • Detect the presence of capsules (systematic)
  • Monitor the heat-sealing parameters on each heat-sealing head
  • Maintain the temperature on the product circuit
  • Addition of a mixer/stirrer in the product hopper
  • Addition of a laminar airflow system
  • Coding with inkjet or ink stamp system