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Your fresh dairy dessert applications

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Chocolate mousse and similar desserts Rice and semolina desserts Multilayer desserts

The culinary art of dairy desserts finally industrialised

For the consumer, milk desserts are a sweet-tooth alternative to “white” dairy desserts.

Depending on the culinary techniques and recipes, there are various categories of non-baked dairy desserts:

  • Dairy desserts containing rice or semolina: Rice cake, semolina cake, rice pudding, semolina with milk, etc.
  • Dairy desserts with eggs: Flans, egg creams
  • Dairy desserts in the form of mousse, sometimes used as texture agents: Chocolate mousse, coffee cream, banana split, etc.

Filling and capping solutions adapted to your ultra-fresh dairy products

For your added value specialised dairy products, the fresh dessert filling machine has been designed with attention to detail.

In partnership with the R&D departments of the dairy corporations, we develop highly customised filling solutions under hygienic conditions to respect your cold chain process.   

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Linear filling and dosing unit Rotary filling machine with UV treatment

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Heat-sealing of pre-formed cups UV treatment of pre-formed cups