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Filling of dairy desserts in cups on a LINEA machine

The versatility of LINEA high work-rate linear machines

High-speed filling on a LINEA machine
High-speed filling on a LINEA

Just like the NEO range, Serac presently proposes a reliable and proven range of linear machines,  LINEA.

This modular filling solution is adapted to high batch volumes and work-rates (8,000 to 30,000 cups/hour). The range is composed of machines with 4 to 16 tracks.


The range of LINEA filling machines may be equipped with several filling stations functioning:

  • Simultaneously offering a multi-product cup filling solution
  • Alternatively offering the possibility to quickly change products on the same line 

The modular solution is adapted according to the customer’s specifications

A LINEA machine is a customised solution for each filling project.

There are however several standard functions (destacking of cups and capsules, filling, capping...) which are assembled to manufacture the filling machine as defined by the customer.

The advantages of this machine range:

  • Possibility to easily upgrade the machine at a later date
  • 2 different pot formats are possible on the machine without a format change
  • Very short format change time with a minimum number of parts to be changed
  • The transfer plates are placed and not screwed which allows lifting of these plates in places when precision is necessary
Filling with raised cups
tl_files/editeur/Machines lineaires desserts laitiers/remplissage iles flottantes en pot.jpg

Various fillers for a wide variety of products

 tl_files/editeur/Desserts laitiers/pots-verre-chocolat.jpg  tl_files/editeur/Desserts laitiers/Fotolia_28641272_XS[1].jpg tl_files/editeur/Desserts laitiers/produits laitiers et fruits.jpg 
Mono-product filling
in glass jars
Multi-product filling
in glass jars
Multi-product filling
in glass jars

The LINEA range offers filling solutions designed to allow the filling of a multitude of products with a wide variety of textures and aspects.

For further information about the filling technologies available, click on the link.

Container decontamination

Certain sensitive or ultra-fresh dairy products required container decontamination.

In this case, we propose 2 decontamination methods on the LINEA machines: UV or H2O2 decontamination.

For further information about container decontamination, click on the link

Safe and controlled filling

Various functions may be incorporated into your machine.

For further information, discover the section for safe and controlled filling.

Various LINEA filling solutions

tl_files/editeur/Machines lineaires desserts laitiers/ligne-desserts-frais-04-bd.jpg tl_files/editeur/Machines lineaires desserts laitiers/machine-lineaire-face-depilage.jpg tl_files/editeur/Machines lineaires desserts laitiers/ligne desserts cuits.jpg
Filling machine with filling and pre-filling stations Pot destacking station on a linear filling machine Overall view of a linear filling machine for baked desserts