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Plastic cups destacker on a NEO 2-track machine

The versatility of NEO rotary machines

NEO rotary machine
NEO rotary machine

We are proposing a reliable and proven range of NEO rotary machines.

The range is composed of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 tracks with a radius or circumference adapted to the application.
This compact filling solution is adapted to generally small batches and low work-rates (1,500 to 8,000 cups/hour). Its simple design renders this machine reliable and maintenance work is reduced to a minimum.


The NEO machine range accepts various types of pre-formed containers (PET, PP, PS, aluminium, glass, cardboard...). Change of format operations are fast and easy.

Cleaning performance

Cleaning collector
Cleaning collector

NEO machines include an efficient cleaning circuit for in-place cleaning (CIP) adapted to the product filled.

Controlled cleaning is a key factor for production performance. Several configurations of tanks and cleaning circuits are possible on Serac machines.

Depending on the dairy products to be filled and their shelf life, a NEO machine may be equipped with a filling system which may be cleaned, sanitised or sterilised in place.

New container decontamination modules on the NEO range

NEO rotary machine with UV decontamination
NEO rotary machine with UV decontamination

The arrival of a container decontamination module on this “low work-rate” machine range also enables modification of the shelf life of your dairy products even on the small volume segments of your market.

We have recently developed this machine range and is now able to propose a UV or H2O2 decontamination module.

Thanks to these 2 new decontamination modules developed for the NEO range, a clean version may at any time be upgraded to an ultra-clean version.

Safe and controlled filling

Various functions may be incorporated into your machine.

For further details, discover the section for safe and controlled filling

Various NEO filling solutions


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Rotary filling machine Rotary filling with H2O2 decontamination Rotary filling with UV decontamination