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Chobani testimonial during a line acceptance

Nova Linea multilayer filling line
Linea multilayer filling line


At the time of the seventh line acceptance, Chobani’s project leaders were asked to share their feelings about the cooperation with Serac Group.

And for them, once again, our Group honoured its commitments.

"Nova cup filling machines efficiency and throughput are second to none"

Hugh Roddy - Chobani
Hugh Roddy - Chobani

Hugh Roddy- Senior Director Global Automation, Chobani USA.

Outstanding quality and product innovation made the success of Chobani. No doubt therefore that these two criteria have been decisive in chosing Serac Group as their filling lines supplier.

Chobani’s staff members confirm as they outline the reliability and the efficiency of Nova cup filling machines, a must for this booming manufacturer, who intends to run its factories 24/7. But the our Group know-how and flexibility were also highly appreciated as they allowed to adapt to Chobani’s needs all along their project.

"You showed a passion and care about the products we make and which we are passionate about"

Hugh Roddy - Chobani
Stephen Butler - Chobani

Stephen Butler - Business Unit Manager, Chobani Australia

Driven by the passion that animates Chobani and deeply engaged in their tasks, our Group teams gave the best of themselves on each project to guarantee the utmost respect for quality and hygiene that Chobani’s yoghurts deserve.

The seventh cup filling line

The seventh cup filling line to enter Chobani’s production sites is a specific, high-tech Nova Linea multilayer filling line that will be installed in Melbourne, Australia, to produce a dessert made of five layers of both yoghurt and fruit.

The multilayer filling line will produce a dessert made of 5 layers
The multilayer filling line installed in Melbourne