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Hygienic and food grade design

Stainless steel 316L tank
Stainless steel 316L tank

Our filling machines respect the strict design regulations applied in the food products industry :

  • The machine frame and external surfaces are made of 304 stainless steel
  • The product circuit is made of 316L stainless steel

In fact, the machine design takes into account the use of aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants in the product circuit and therefore use high-quality stainless steel with an excellent corrosion resistance.

  • All screws used above the pots are designed as “prisoner” elements to guarantee there is no risk of foreign bodies of this origin in the cups

Reinforced hygiene according to the microbiological sensitivity of your products

UV decontamination of cups
UV decontamination of cups

NEO and LINEA filling machines for pre-formed cups exist in clean or ultra-clean versions with the hygiene requirements adapted to the various types of dairy products to be filled:

  • Clean version with CIP incorporated for NEO and LINEA
  • Clean/ultra-clean versions with UV or H2O2 gas decontamination of containers for NEO and LINEA