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Your yogurts, jellified milk and dessert cream applications

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Yogurts (natural, whipped, with fruits) and jellified milk products in plastic or glass jars and cups

Fragile and difficult to fill products

During the production and filling phases of fermented dairy products such as whipped yogurt, the product is subjected to stresses (shearing, stirring, pumping, temperature variations…) which may influence their structure and flow properties.

The cup filling requirements are therefore to be taken into account regarding the viscosity of the product to be filled and respected during the entire filling process in order to guarantee the constant product texture quality. Furthermore, filling will take place under appropriate environmental conditions in order to minimise any risk of contamination.

Filling and dosing solutions adapted to your ultra-fresh products

For your added value specialised dairy products, the yogurts, jellified milks or dessert creams filling machine has been designed with attention to detail.

In partnership with the R&D departments of the dairy corporations, we develop customised filling solutions under hygienic conditions to respect your cold chain process. 

Various cup filling solutions

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Linear filling machine with a work-rate of more than 8,000 cups/hour Rotary filling machine with a work-rate of less than 8,000 cups/hour
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Aluminium heat-sealing station on a linear filling machine Cup destacking station on a rotary filling machine